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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my website. I am now a best selling Kindle author. I was off line for awhile due to a horrible accident, but am now back, ready to go. I have learned so much while publishing my books and am still helping other authors as much as possible. After all, everything you do for others comes back to you ten fold.

I plan to put up another page for my very favorite Indie Authors I've read since I joined this wonderful community. 

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I really had not heard of space jellyfish when I wrote 3037 and Time and Time Again.  The story evolved somewhere within my subconscious and I just went with it.  One day, while talking to a neighbor, I mentioned the space jellyfish I had put in the novel I was writing at that time, which was Time and Time again.

The neighbor said, "You know, I was just reading something about space jelly fish the other day on the internet.  It was an article in the Huffington Post, I believe."

"You mean, they really exist?"  I asked

We talked about them for awhile and when I got home I looked them up.  Here is the article I found.  I was amazed.  My science fiction book was really based on fact.  Here is the link for the article.

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I am proud to be a member of Visionary Fiction Alliance. 

After writing 3037 and then the sequel, Time and Time again, I classified them as science fiction/fantasy.  People who like science fiction hated them. People who didn't like science fiction but liked the metaphysical loved them.  Then I heard about visionary fiction.  I read the criteria for this genre and knew I had found  the right genre.  In both 3037, and the sequel, Time and Time Again, spiritual wisdom comes in the form of an ancient soul named Irene and later in the main character Ashley.  Ashley gains insight and spiritual wisdom under her mentor, Irene.  Ashley dies in 1973 and is reincarnated in the year 3037 when technology has gone too far.  She meets Irene who recognizes Ashley as an old soul.   Irene lives in a cave that turns out to be a living thing that has special powers.  It is not until the sequel, Time and Time Again that Ashley realizes that she has a special connection to the cave.  Ashley also meets her true soul mate in the form of Joe, in the year 3037.   Ashley, Joe, and Irene not only save mankind but are able to go back in time and right some of the wrongs from the past.  

The reader learns that time travel and reincarnation are one and the same.  With each reincarnation, the characters gain more insight.