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Island of the Blind

Posted by peggyholloway62 on September 25, 2012 at 10:25 PM



One of the very few enlightened people I met, a supervisor, when working on my internship, told me a story that had such a profound effect on me, I just have to share it. I don’t know where he got it, but here it is:

A man crashed his plane on an island inhabited by blind people, who nursed him back to health. The island was very beautiful and, as the pilot was healing, he walked around the island talking about the beauty. There were many varieties of flowers, waterfalls and pools of blue-green water, and white sandy beaches with crystal clear gentle waves coming up on the beach.

The people on the island, who had nursed him back to health, began to believe something was wrong with him. They took him to see ministers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and every kind of counselor and therapist. Finally, he took their hands and put them on his eyes and said, "this is what I see with.”

The “wise” men and women had a meeting and decided that the patient’s eyes were the cause of his delusions. They decided that in order to cure him of these hallucinations and delusions, they would have to cut out his eyes, and so they did.

I think it is important to have tolerance for those who are less enlightened or insightful but just don't let them put your eyes out.


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