Author Peggy Holloway

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Double Shock: Five star reviews:

This is a well crafted mystery that takes the reader into the deep south in late 1969. This a period when the United States was going through the turmoil of the Civil Rights movement as well as the early stages of the Vietnam War. But the story goes back even earlier to the time we entered WW II after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The small town of Addison, Georgia has something to hide and they are willing to over look a murder to keep its secret. It all comes together through the eyes of Ramona, a young woman in an abusive relationship, a girl trapped in the middle of a mystery she doesn't seem to understand. She decides to do something about it and we are soon discovering the secrets of nearly everyone in Addison. Kind of a Southern Payton Place, but the characters have more to hide than who they are sleeping with. The characters are so well developed, I felt like I was living with them as the story unfolded. Double Shock is a fast-paced step back in time and an enjoyable read.

don't usually write book reviews I would rather read them and since I usually read at least one a day they get pretty predictable. But this book wasn't. It wasn't artsy fartsy, the characters, though various in ethnic, social backgrounds weren't stereotypes are were well portrayed and the plot kept me. I gobbled it up in 4 hours sadly,I hope to see these characters again. It wasn't smutty but there was sex. There was no dirty language.There was an underlying love story (I don't do romantic) but it wasn't mushy.

I loved this book. Intriguing from the start, I couldn't read fast enough. There are some grammatical errors however, nothing too erroneous that complicates the read. I look forward to another read from Holloway. Bravo!

I am happy to be the first to review this book. It was featured on the WoMen's Literary Cafe yesterday. I downloaded it and immediately started to read it. I could not put it down. I finished it last night. It is set in southeast Georgia in 1969, it begins with the heroine frying her extremely abusive husband in the tub with a hair dryer. But she cannot understand why everyone in town, including the hunky sheriff, is determined to accept it as an accident and cover up the justified murder. Everyone is looking for something that they thought her dead husband had when she killed him--only she has no idea what it might be. Her mother is known as the town slut, whose story actually began at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. But nothing, absolutely nothing , is as it seems. The book is an easy read, despite a somewhat complicated plot which is easy to follow--considering that nothing is as it appears. I had to keep reminding myself that the setting is 1969 and not today.

The plot involves underground Nazis (sent to the US in the late 1930's--there is an historical basis to this) joining the KKK to cleanse this southern town of blacks, Jews, and even the sheriff (who is half Cherokee) as well as anyone that does not share their hated beliefs. I grew up in North Georgia in the turbulent 60's, just as things were changing drastically in the South. Do not dismiss this story as fantasy that could not have happened. It was within the realm of possibility then, but not today. But we must never forget that we can be doomed to repeat the past if we forget the tragedies of the past.

But first and foremost, this book is wonderful entertainment. It has a happy ending--for the good guys and long prison terms or possible death sentences for some of the evil persons. At that time treason was considered a serious crime--even though it is no longer considered serious in the US today.

This a page turning suspense thriller that I highly recommend. I look forward to reading other novels by this author.

This author is amazing! The book was exciting from the beginning and it was tough to put it down. The time period was fascinating and how they dealt with the issue at hand with the means available! A real page turner! I love the way the author brings you in slowly to the issue at hand as the main character realizes it. Great mystery and fast paced in a good way! I would highly recommend this book!